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Clark Anderson

Respiratory Therapist

#1 In Fitting You To Meet Your Doctor's Oxygen Prescription

Everyone wants a sale, but The Breath of Life wants you to be happy with your purchase and or rental.  We want you to have assurance that the device you choose works for you and aligns with your doctors orders!!


Clark Anderson, a licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist,  works under one of the finest pulmonary groups in Northern Colorado.  Through his extensive exposure to the needs of patients with various types of breathing and oxygenation issues. Clark has gained extensive knowledge and the highest skill level in oxygen therapy. 

During Clark's 10 years as a respiratory therapist he has been recognized for his outstanding care that he provides to every one of his patients.  He has received many awards that are given to health care givers that go beyond measure to meet the needs of patients.

Clark's passion for respiratory care has led him to pursue his own business in providing service for clients who are in need of long term oxygen therapy.  His future clients are those who want their freedom, mobility and independence back through the use of Portable Oxygen Concentrators. 

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In order to buy a portable oxygen concentrator from the The Breath of Life Oxygen Concentrators, a prescription for oxygen is required.  We will gladly assist you by calling your oxygen health care provider to obtain the prescription for you. 

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#1 In Fitting You To Meet Your Doctor's Oxygen Prescription

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